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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Australian Granny Flats for the Elderly

What is a "granny flat"? Well, it's a small house or a private retreat, which sits on the same property as a larger home. Granny flats are a great alternative to renting or buying additional accommodation for parents or teenagers. Is a granny flat right for you?

Providing you have the space and your local Council permits, the answer is a resounding - Yes! They can be built on top of an existing garage in the form of an upstairs apartment, or alongside with its own entrance and landscaping.  

The main advantage to building a granny flat, from some home owner's view point, is the potential of bringing in extra income from rent or a place for relatives and friends to stay with added comfort and privacy.

Many families are choosing the option of constructing a granny flat for elderly parents instead of paying for an expensive nursing home room that often eats away at any family inheritance. Housed in a granny flat on the family property, the elderly can afford day care help and being close to family means they are less stressed.  

Internally, Granny flats are finished the same as any standard home. The floor plan layout needs special consideration in order to fit everything to make the home comfortable. A smaller kitchen for example. Often the kitchen area is smaller than in a regular home, but the cupboard space can be unlimited.
Granny flats are built on a concrete slab or stumps (normally to accommodate varying soil conditions or sloping land). To save costs, many people choose the option to become an owner builder and assemble their own.  
Consider a granny flat just like a small portion of your existing home, a favourite part of your house where you spend a lot of time and feel comfortable and happy.

This is what a granny flat is and will be when you build one.Your bedroom and your living area may be smaller but it can still be a place you can relax and enjoy a the cosy atmosphere that your new living space can offer.

Just think how much you will save in power bills and how you could use that saving to enjoy some little treats and rewards, instead of struggling to make ends meet. 


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