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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Exterior Home Ideas – Working With Stone

Nova Design Group Australia works with stone facades.
Exterior stone façades can add elegance and value to your home. Considering to use stone or a stone veneer as a charming addition adds resale value to the home.

Stone Siding

Whether your preference is rustic, classic or modern, stone siding is a good option.  Covering the entirety of your home's exterior in stone is a dramatic design choice that adds character and possibly value.  Stone siding can be a very effective option for two-story homes with architectural detailing such as a turret or multi-peaked façade.  For a rustic home style look, choose small gray stones to create the sense of a woodland forest cottage. Homes that are more of a classic look are better for larger, lightly colored stones that can add asymmetrical softness to a rigid exterior. Modern homes have clean, simple lines that look good with long, thin stones in a darker slate gray.  Stone exteriors are very durable and have a low maintenance cost, though the initial cost of stone siding is sometimes one of the most expensive exterior siding options. If real stone is out of your price range, consider a stone veneer, which is designed to look and feel like stone without the large initial investment.     

Stone Entryway

Kit homes in Australia look great with stone facades If stone siding is too costly or stands out to much for your preferences, consider a stone entryway to invite guests into your home. Stone around the front door is most effective in a two-story home in which the stone is a frame that extends all the way to the roof. You can add some romantic charm to your door by first adding a covered arch or a peaked gable. Lay warm, sand-colored stones for a Mediterranean or rustic look. Add a decorative door instead of a standard front door for more visual appeal.

Stone Detail

Granny flats in Australia look great with stone facadesEven small additions of stone can add charm and value to your home exterior at a small fraction of the cost of stone siding. Suitable architectural details in your home's exterior that may be suitable for stone applications are replacing or adding stone to a brick chimney to give your home an immediate impact. Add flat stone slabs to your outdoor porch at the bottom and add stone pillars made from rounded stones rather than traditional wooden beams. Bay window can become a visual centerpiece when it's framed with large stones. If these ideas are out of your price range, consider incorporating stones into your landscaping through walkways or stacked-stone front steps.

The Nova Design Group are specialists when it comes to being creative with your project.

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