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Friday, 31 May 2013

Owner Build Granny Flats

Easier & faster to build, owning a granny flat in WA is a rising trend. 

These secondary dwellings have consistently proved to be another source of income especially for the retired people facing challenging economic crisis.   Many of the older blocks of land around Australia are large and valuable, yet the living space is small.  Wise investors can see the potential.  Even wiser investors can see a bigger potential when they have the time to become an owner builder and construct their own secondary dwellings.

Granny flats by the Nova Group provide excellent living options and the many variations to choose from have proved equally attractive in several states across the length & breadth of the Australian sub-continent. 

These small home solutions are also very popular as granny flats for Sydney & granny flats for Melbourne.  The Nova Group owner build granny flat means you can build to your time frame and more importantly to your budget.  Having Nova provide you with all the materials and drawings and you providing the labour content, you end up with a second dwelling that is very cost effective and to be proud of.

Constructing Detached Granny Flats in NSW as Owner Builder

Like for a new house, an owner builder of a granny flat must essentially make sure to comply and meet the requirements of the NSW Housing Code. It generally includes specifications largely applying to height, site coverage, floor area & building setbacks.

Though this criterion is normally used in the NSW Housing Code, it also applies collectively to the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP when you are constructing a granny flat.  Permissible maximum site coverage the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP includes for the granny flat is along with the house.

Offering respite, no other private open space or parking area is required to be provided for the granny flat apart from what is already available with the existing residence.

Owner builders generally require the backing of an experienced team to ensure they are on the right track to achieve a successful outcome.  When they purchase their granny flat kit me from the Nova Design Group, the service and advice they receive is second to none.

Granny Flats are Popular Solutions for Extended Families

Aimed to decrease disruption to the existing structure, granny flats have fast emerged as a popular solution for many extended families in Australia.  The Nova Group specializes in designing and building 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats throughout Queensland and New South Wales where constructing a granny flat is hassle free to you because their expert team takes care of all the approvals, insurance and building infrastructure.

Nova offers a streamlined service that includes building on level foundations as well as more complicated situations where land is prone to flooding and is on a slope.
Nova prides itself on being creative in designing for their vast range of granny flats. A granny flat floor plan modified to fit all the day to day luxuries of a house into a small living area requires talent to ensure the area is workable, functional and comfortable for the resident.

Granny flats as a secondary dwelling serves as a boon for extended families saving you money in the long term by turning valuable land space into an income producing asset when the granny flat is rented out.  With the demand for rental properties on the rise, decent tenants are willing to pay for rent as much as they would to live in the main house.

Popular Dwelling Solutions for the Extended Family

Ever since 2009 when the Affordable Rental Housing State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) changed its regulations about the construction of granny flats in NSW, these self contained small houses in the backyard have mushroomed everywhere.

Often referred to as the mother-in-law apartment, these structures are often used to accommodate elderly relatives who find it difficult to live on their own.   
Sometimes the granny flat floor plan is in conjugation with the principle dwelling with a communicating door between them. 

More recently, the granny flat stands alone from the principle dwelling with its own private entrance yet all within the back yard. For people living in the rural areas it is highly recommended that you work as an owner builder since most granny flat construction companies do not travel to the remote regions to take up tasks.

Granny Flats are Booming in S.E. Australia

Especially popular along the south-eastern coast line ever since the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP policy was announced, Granny Flat Melbourne, Granny Flat Sydney & Granny Flat Gold Coast constructions have witnessed a similar boost as more and more people are taking advantage of this cost effective living option.  Granny Flats in WA are also adopting this cost effective trend. 

Granny flats are small homes that are also ideal for the first home buyers. This this example, it contains 2 bedrooms each with their own en-suite and a double car park.   Make further en quires by contacting the Nova Group on 07 3385 0698.

Property investors have also shown a keen interest to use this opportunity as a business prospect.  There is even a trend where a large number of people are choosing to convert garages into a legal granny flat by gaining approval through a Complying Development or Development Application (DA).  A garage cannot become a liveable area unless it meets certain legal requirements.   The financial depression and current affordable housing crisis have equally contributed in establishing the construction of granny flats as a viable alternative.