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Friday, 31 May 2013

Granny Flats are Popular Solutions for Extended Families

Aimed to decrease disruption to the existing structure, granny flats have fast emerged as a popular solution for many extended families in Australia.  The Nova Group specializes in designing and building 1 and 2 bedroom granny flats throughout Queensland and New South Wales where constructing a granny flat is hassle free to you because their expert team takes care of all the approvals, insurance and building infrastructure.

Nova offers a streamlined service that includes building on level foundations as well as more complicated situations where land is prone to flooding and is on a slope.
Nova prides itself on being creative in designing for their vast range of granny flats. A granny flat floor plan modified to fit all the day to day luxuries of a house into a small living area requires talent to ensure the area is workable, functional and comfortable for the resident.

Granny flats as a secondary dwelling serves as a boon for extended families saving you money in the long term by turning valuable land space into an income producing asset when the granny flat is rented out.  With the demand for rental properties on the rise, decent tenants are willing to pay for rent as much as they would to live in the main house.

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  1. Once the Granny flat drawings have been approved and all necessary burdens have been taken care of, example large trees, we set up a meeting to go over the Home owner’s warranty contract with you. When you’re happy with everything and sign the contract we take it from there.