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Friday, 31 May 2013

Constructing Detached Granny Flats in NSW as Owner Builder

Like for a new house, an owner builder of a granny flat must essentially make sure to comply and meet the requirements of the NSW Housing Code. It generally includes specifications largely applying to height, site coverage, floor area & building setbacks.

Though this criterion is normally used in the NSW Housing Code, it also applies collectively to the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP when you are constructing a granny flat.  Permissible maximum site coverage the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP includes for the granny flat is along with the house.

Offering respite, no other private open space or parking area is required to be provided for the granny flat apart from what is already available with the existing residence.

Owner builders generally require the backing of an experienced team to ensure they are on the right track to achieve a successful outcome.  When they purchase their granny flat kit me from the Nova Design Group, the service and advice they receive is second to none.

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