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Friday, 31 May 2013

Eligible Criteria for Owner Builder License

Any person can apply for an Owner Builder license provided you own the development land.  In the case where there is more than one owner, it is essential that all owners must consent for application. However, it is sensibly recommended that the owner with the most appropriate skill-set take up the lead and come forward as the primary applicant.  Even companies can apply for an owner builder permit.

Gaining your owner builder license requires due diligence on your behalf to ensure that you are familiar with the many aspects involved in the preliminary set up through to how to handle and manage finances and trades people.  The Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) provide a very detailed outline of all the different requirements that an owner builder needs to consider before beginning. 

It would be well worth your while to spend as long as it takes to prepare yourself in advance administratively so that the process can go as smoothly as possible.  

When you are preparing to become an owner builder, you will be bound under the Act prepared by the State of Australia.  In Queensland for example, you will be bound by the QBSA Act 1991, and this Act allows persons (who are not licensed buildng contractors) to build their own home on land that is owned by them.

Without any restrictions on the number of owner builder licences for the same site, an owner builder needs to get Public Liability Insurance for the project before he begins work. 

The Nova Group works with many owner builders, especially those persons who are looking to build granny flats in rural areas, have the time to devote to the construction and want to save money.  The Nova Group also makes the job of an owner builder very easy as they supply the appropriate working drawings to suit your location and take all the hassle out of deciding on the building materials as they delivery everything to your door step.

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