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Thursday, 13 December 2012

How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

How Not to Pick an Interior Colour for Your Home

1.       Never start with an empty room. I know, it’s easier to paint the room if there is nothing in it, but resist that temptation. You will never like it and you will be painting over again once the room has furniture, rugs and curtains in it. Or you will always hate it, not very good choices.
2.    Never pick a color while standing at the paint sample brochure table. Fluorescent lighting is the worst light to pick a color in. Whites have a green hue and all the other colors are distorted also. The will not be the same when you get it home, guaranteed!

The Right Way to Pick an Interior Colour Paint

The order in which you decide to pick your interior color can make the difference between having a cohesive, well designed home and a chaotic mess.  If you are building a new home, have them paint the primer on and let it go at that. When you finished buying the furniture, rugs and curtains then you can choose a wall color that matches the room.
1.       Pick your tile and countertops for the kitchens and bathrooms first. The color choices are very limited here so this is where you need to start.
2.       Pick your tile and carpet for the flooring. Be sure to pay attention to whether they are warm or cool tones in the colors. You don’t want a countertop that has a bluish cast (cool tone) next to tile that has a red cast (warm tone).  You need to decide which way you are going right from the start, cool or warm, and stick with the undertone you choose.
Choosing these items first set the mood for the rest of the room. These items are permanent and not likely to change, so choose wisely. It’s much easier to match these items with a wall color, than having it the other way around, and trying to find the tile that matches the wall color.
Upholstery/Bedding/Curtains/Rugs – All the large items that have fabric!
The next order of business is choosing what furniture, curtains and rugs are going to be in the room. You are going to have a much wider latitude in color choices here, but remember to stick with the undertones you chose in the previous step. Right now is when you will appreciate the most that there are no distracting colors on your wall. Choose what you want for bedding as well at this point.
Decorative Pieces
The next thing on your agenda is your decorative accents. This would include pictures, wall accents, vases, lamps and whatever else. Again, remember to stay within the realm of color tones you already have in place. Warm tones include gold lamp bases, brown or gold picture frames. Cool tones include silver lamps and silver or white picture frames. You get the picture, right? The parts of the room need to flow together, not be piecemeal and broken up.
Finally! It is Time to Pick Your Wall Color
This step should be a piece of cake! If you have everything in the room, the color of your wall should reveal itself without you even thinking about it. But if you are not sure, here are some ideas. Make sure you stay within the color tone you have chosen, whether it is warm or cool.
1.       Do you watch movies a lot on your TV in the living room or bedroom? Choose a darker color that gives the closed in feeling of going to the movies.
2.       Do you gather in the kitchen or entertain in your living room? Accent walls are great for adding that “WOW” when your guests walk in. An accent can be as simple as a painting or a full blown mural.
3.       Ceiling mouldings that have intricate carving and painted with a color such as gold or an accent color can have a dramatic effect on a room. Deep red and dark orange walls will also get you guests in a talkative mood and are great on an accent wall.
4.       Is this a reading or working room? Opt for much lighter colors as it will make it easier on your eyes.
5.       If you put your makeup on in the bedroom or bathroom, don’t use green tones of paint. The paint will reflect on your face and you will be disappointed when you walk outside and look in a mirror.
6.       If your room is small, opt for lighter colors as the room will look bigger.
Remember to stay within your color tones and you will not be disappointed with your wall color and the total look of your home.


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