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Monday, 21 May 2012

Real Wood Floor Options

Real Wood Flooring
Why is wood flooring the choice for most people? Because it gives the room a rich, elegant and exotic feel and when combined with the right furnishing and plenty of light, there is nothing that can beat the classiness of a wood floor. Wood flooring offers sophisticated elegance classiness and now engineered and reclaimed wood are flooring options without the expensive price tag.

Engineered Wood Flooring
Hardwood and plywood are used as a blend for Engineered wood and it feels like hardwood.

It is really a very fine layer or veneer of wood over a substrate of plywood. It is less than an inch thick and can easily be installed over an existing floor without drastically increasing the floor height.  

This method also saves you the trouble of having to remove the existing floor. It is a good option if you are looking for cheap wood flooring.

Most of this kind of cheap wood flooring is installed using the floating method. This means that it is not secured to the substrate below, but merely fitted like puzzles or joined to each other with adhesive.

This permits the wood floor to shift with humidity. Installing the cheap wood flooring, a few millimetres away from the wall will ensure this.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring
If you are looking for cheap wood flooring a Reclaimed wood floor is not for you as it is similar to antique and is going to cost you.

Howevrer, if you are looking for character then look no further than a reclaimed wood floor. As the name implies, reclaimed wood comes from all kinds of sources – an old barn, salvaged logs that sank before reaching the mill a long time ago, wine casks etc.

If you are interested in your floors’ past, chances are you can get the information. Won’t it be amusing to talk to your guests about the history of your wood floor? Whether it is reclaimed or engineered wood you want for your floor, make sure they are hypoallergenic – i.e. they have the least allergy causing components.

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