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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Useful Ideas for Exterior Home Improvements

back yard home improvements
When you think about making home improvements, is it true to say that normally it's the inside that is considered first?
But what about the outside of your home? Surely this is the view that everyone sees? Isn’t this just as important as the inside and in fact it can be a more valuable in monetary terms to start your home improvement from the outside because this is where your overall house is given a stamp of approval by the people who pass by on a regular basis.
Making improvements to the home isn’t only a feat to be accomplished when intending to sell the house, it's a great advertisement about who you are and when accomplished you feel proud about the job you have done.

Do you know what it's like trying to find something inside the house you have misplaced? If you live in a cluttered environment, how much harder is it to find what you are looking for versus how it would be if the environment was not cluttered?
Take that one step further, and think about the burglar, a person who may have been casing your home for some time keeping tabs on your comings and goings. If your backyard is cluttered, then there’s plenty of areas for the person to hide and not be found.

So, what are some of the things you might consider when looking to tidy up the back yard?
  • Are there any electrical wires showing that need to be hidden?
  • Are there any plumbing fittings or exposed drains that need attention?
  • Apart from the grass that might need to be mowed on a regular basis, are there trees that need to be tended to or shrubs and bushes that can be cut back or removed?
  • If you and a friend were standing on the other side of the road from your house, what might your friend tell you they feel you need to do to make improvements? Sometimes if we have lived in an environment for a long time, we have become accustomed to seeing things that we no longer pay them any attention. A friend can be upfront and honest with you without you taking offense.
  • How protected is the backyard. Can anyone walk onto and around your property where a fence might prevent this from happening?
  • What kind of letterbox do you have? A letter box can act as a kind of statement of house and the owner. With the many varieties on the market, help to dress your house by selecting one that works for you.
  • Motion-detector lighting serves dual purposes. It can be a deterrent in the evening time from thieves while at the same time it provides comfort to persons visiting your house so that they can see where they are walking.
  • Materials used for pathways can prevent accidents happening. Ensure that there are no broken pavers or bricked walkways.
As the saying goes, first impressions count. View your home from afar and be critical. And remember to keep your front area where you receive visitors free from dust and clutter. When you are looking for the right building renovation advice, call the Nova Group.
Now write down a list of all the things your house needs to comply with the above for security, appeal and value then start to work out a priority as to which on the list you will tackle first.


  1. Many of people believe that house interior is important..but the exterior improvement is very important was nice your this post..on Exterior Improvement..did get good information from here..thanks for sharing.. Decking

  2. I agree! The first thing that people notice about any house is its exterior design. It usually suggests what people should expect from its interior and is also your first impression of the resident’s personality.

    Aubrey Mullins