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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Do You Need a Licensed Builder?


A common question asked by many people. In most countries where regulations prevail, the answer is yes!
In Queensland, the BSA is the licensing authority but any Building Authority Department in any state or country will recommend the use of a licensed contractor even for small jobs. The reason is that the “license” indicates that the builder has met certain minimum standards and is licensed to carry out the contractual work. It is very important to check the credentials of any contractor that you want to engage to carry out work on your behalf.  
Make sure that you do your own thorough search with your local Building Authority to ensure that the builder (or contractor) is fully licensed and has no bad credit rating.   Choosing an inexperienced contractor can cost you dearly in more ways than one. Don’t rely on the fact that the contractor works within a company, still do your check.
Most building work will require plumbing, electrical, or structural work at some stage. For example, if there is some rewiring needed to be done, this calls for an expert who understands electricity. With the dangers involved, it is not necessarily a job that you would consider doing yourself, or to have just anyone doing. The same principle applies for all of the building industry whether it’s to do with plumbers and drainers, gas fitters, pest control, fire protection, residential design, builders or interior design.  They need to have a good track record, have experience in their field and be licensed.  

Don’t be fooled, there are many contractors operating without a license who might offer their work cheaper than others.  Beware and be forewarned that in most countries the building industry holds high expectations of the work carried out that needs signing off in order for buildings to be sold.   If you hire the service of someone who is not qualified then you run the risk of faulty workmanship that will not stand up in a court of law if you have to take the situation that far.  

As a rule of thumb, if jobs are of a minor cost factor, then you will not generally need to employ a licensed contractor.  Say for instance, you want to change the doors within a home.  

This kind of job will not require a licensed builder.

Whereas changing windows, adding a room which is more structural would require a licensed contractor.

Where in doubt, always  yourself a favour and check with your local Building Authority. 

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