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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Simple steps on how to disguise unsightly drains!

Disgusting Unsightly Drains
By Michael King
building a granny flat in the backyardSometimes, after finishing a back yard project there remains unsightly details such as drains that spoil the look of the completed work.  Having spent a substantial amount of money creating that perfect backyard experience, that last thing you want to notice first is things that do not belong in the garden landscape, such as drains.  All that should be visible to the eye is the beauty of what you have accomplished. The eye should focus on the building or the greenery in the garden or the sound and sight of water in the pond. Maybe you retiled or laid stone to an area, then the eye should be drawn to the colour and feel of the stone or tile. Maybe its a combination of different things that have been done. Yet when a small thing is out of place, that can spoil everything. 

Using the wrong materials

What spoils a project more than anything else, is when someone tries to disguise something like a drain and uses the wrong material. For example, I have seen installations where builders have gone to the trouble and expense to add “brass” drain covers to their installations or zinc coated grates.  Don't get me wrong, I love brass. However the inherent beauty of this metal does not disguise the fact that it covers a drain.  Brass does not fit in with the surrounds. Instead of hiding the drain it actually calls attention to it. Granted a brass cover is better than a plastic drain cover, but a more sensible approach would be to HIDE the drain permanently!

Proper drainage

Proper drainage is very important in most installations. It allows for excess water from splashing in the pool or rain storms to be diverted to more appropriate areas. If no drainage is provided, the excess water is likely to find its way into the pool, carrying dirt from the deck. This can cause extra and unnecessary pool maintenance.
The drainage is usually provided by buried drainage lines which are installed with an adequate amount of slope allowing gravity to pull the water and small debris down to areas away from the deck and pool. Drain covers carry the important function of restricting larger debris, which may clog the drain lines, from entering the system. Drainage of storm water need not be a ugly affair.

Drain Covers

preparing for a granny flat in AustraliaDrain covers are usually round plastic grey or black covers. By using a square drain cover which has the facility to incorporate a lid into which one can place materials such as stone, concrete, ceramics or any materials to match your surrounding landscape, and address the problem of having visible ugly plastic drain covers that do not blend in.
With the installation complete, the drainage covers no longer calls attention to themselves or distracts from the beauty of the surrounds! More importantly, you can relax, enjoy your new creation, and pay attention to the details you will really want to see.

The Nova Group are specialists in designing for renovations, kit homes and granny flats throughout Australia.

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