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Friday, 26 October 2012

Adding Useable Living Space to Your Home

One way to add living space to your home is by creating an outdoor living space. This can be done by adding a verandah to the outside structure of your house. Verandahs have a very adaptable design and can be simple design to a most stylish and modern garden room. Flooring can run from a deck to an easy cleaning tiled floor.
Verandahs usually have a closed roof with open sides like a gazebo, except they are attached to the house. Adding blinds can block the sun if your verandah faces the sun at the time of day you wish to be outside.
As an added bonus, verandahs can also keep you protected from the blast of light shining in on the inside of your house. You will be able to open curtains and enjoy the view no matter what time of year it is.
There are several different verandah roof types to choose from.  verandahs for granny flats
Bullnose verandahs provide very effective insulation

  • the curve of a veranda cuts off direct sunlight and weather into your rooms. As a result, rooms behind a bullnose verndah remain surprisingly cool, even on notoriously hot Australia summer days.
  • They provide a pleasing outdoor living area that can be used by all the family. 
  • They are beautiful architecturally enhancing the asthetics of your home.
You can also have a veranda that is flat roofed or gabled or curved roof.
Additional items to add to your verandah are rails and frets to add that little a bit of style to your new verandah.
If you would prefer something not attached to your house a gazebo is the perfect option. Gazebos are buildings set out from your home, have a closed roof but are open on all sides for a 360° view. If you have a larger back yard, this may be a more interesting option.
gazebos for living spacesBuilding a gazebo is an easier task, just because the structure is not attached to the house. The roof is covered with boards, shakes or shingles. The vertical posts that hold the roof up are set in concrete to make sure you have a solid structure. Make sure they are straight and squared up properly so the rest of your gazebo is easy to build.
gazebos for kithomesUse cedar if possible for your gazebo, it will last forever if you buy the best quality and build it correctly. Gazebos can be used for entertaining or just outdoor relaxation. A gazebo for an outdoor hot tub, set inside a raised deck is a perfect relaxation idea!

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  1. I loved your post! We have been thinking of getting verandahs for our house. Thanks for all this helpful information.