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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to Add Luxury to Your Shower

There have been so many shower type innovations in the last 10 years. Things such as shower panels with multiple jets and showerheads that make you feel like you are standing under a waterfall, sauna up fits and heated towel bars. Each of these innovations are designed to make you feel on top of the world.
However, as with all new innovative ideas once you succumb to the impulse buy then you also have to address that luxury items are technically more complicated than to install normal ordinary shower.
For example, a multiple shower install means that you will need larger water lines - at least 3/4" pipe and it needs to be a direct line from your water source. This will ensure that you have enough water pressure. It also means you will need more pipes because you will need the pipe to loop, eliminating dribbling shower heads. Saunas require a steam generation method and require adding extra framing and plumbing.
Depending on what you are installing and how complex it is, you can plan on not having your shower for 1 to 2 weeks.
You will need to be able to do basic framing, have electrical knowledge and know how to do plumbing. You may want to consider professional help if you do not have these basic skills. You may also want a professional to do the planning part, just so you know it is correctly installed.
Six Steps to a Power Shower Using an Existing Shower
·    Remove existing drywall from the adjoining wall so that you can install the framing and blocks to mount the control panels and the showerheads. You will also need to install a GFCI outlet in this frame and you need to have this professionally installed.
·    With the template that came with your shower upgrade, install the water lines and all the fixtures. Be sure to follow the directions for the water supply valve installations and the water hammer arrestors that run to the fixtures. Do not connect them to the control unit. Fasten the controller to the frame per the directions.
·    Using the manufacturer's diagram, find any outlets that will not be used and plug them. Be sure to use Teflon tape and make them tight, but not overly tight.
·    Using unions, hook up the hot and cold (3/4 inch) supply lines. They should be marked with color coding so you know which one is hot and which one is cold. Connect the outlets to the proper pipes and attach the pipes securely to the frame. Be sure that there is no movement or you will have pipes rattling.
·    Install pressure loops for showers that have more than one showerhead. This is essential if you are integrating fixtures together, or even if you only have the one fixture but it has multiple heads on it. You want all the heads or jets to have equal force. If you have lines ending at each head instead of continuing on through all the heads, you will have showerheads that dribble water instead of coming out of each head with the same force.
·    Attach the power unit per the instructions and make sure the door on the valve unit is sealed thoroughly. Turn on the water and check for leaks, tighten anything that leaks. Check to see if the valve powers on and that the light indicator is on.
 Finally, be sure to install an access door on the wall after you are finished so that you have access to everything when you re-finish the drywall.
The Nova Group often use innovative ideas when designing their kithomes and luxury houses.

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