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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Brief of your Building Requirements

Along with some plans or sketches, it is important to draw up a "Brief".

Building performance - space specification

The building performance specification is an expanded brief that describes what the various spaces of the building will be expected to provide. The performance specification of the building may start off very general in its requirements and become more detailed as the project develops. Such as in the example below.


  • This area should be large enough to greet and organise a group of 5 visitors at a single time.
  • The entry needs to have a space for the side table that is 400mm x 1200mm which needs to be centred on a blank wall.
  • A cupboard is required to accommodate visitors items as well as kids school bags and shoes.
  • From this space you should not be able to see any other area of the house.
  • A powder room should be located directly off this space.


  • Lots of bench space, good lighting directly over work areas (sink, cooktop, coffee making area).
  • Space for a window seat for homework time with the children.
  • Space on bench for kids laptop.
  • Large pantry that can house the existing fridge as well.
  • Pot drawers everywhere with soft closers and lots of space to store appliances such as the bread machine etc.
  • An appliance cabinet to house jug, mugs, coffee and tea as well as toaster - the cabinet needs to have 2 double GPO.

Bathroom/powder room

  • Two sinks.
  • Large mirrored wall so there is no fighting for mirror space a teeth cleaning time.
  • This space needs to contain: 1 toilet suite | 1 porcelain urinal | 1 hand basin 
  • In addition this room needs to be visually and acoustically private.


  • Large shower so kids can shower at the same time 
  • One freestanding bath
  • One toilet suite
  • Tiles to the ceiling
  • Needs to be roomy and all in one open space


  • Should be located directly off entry space and requires acoustic and visual privacy from the rest of the home.
  • The office will require 3 telco. lines for fax, phone, and Internet. 
  • Must have excellent lighting. 
  • Space for a computer desk with 1000mm layoff space either side of computer space and a separate layoff area that is 3000mm wide
  • Possibly area for a small lounge is also needed

Main bedroom

  • The entrance needs privacy from noisy areas such as the family room. 
  • To accommodate a king size bed with 1200mm of circulation space on both sides. 
  • Two areas of wall that can accommodate a dressing table and a large painting. 
  • Put a double GPO. in each corner of the room. 
  • The en-suite and walk-in robe should not face directly onto main area of the bedroom.
  • The ensuite needs to be acoustically private from the bed space.
  • Batt insulation surroundings the walls and well ventilated.
  • Ensuite requires 1 pedestal basin, 1 toilet suite, 1 porcelain urinal, 1 heated towel rail, 4 mirror cabinets, shower space and perhaps a bath.
  • Dimmer lights.  


  • Needs to be roomy enough to sort family washing into colour piles.
  • A small drying space is required. 
  • Washing machine requires close external access
  • Room needs to be naturally ventilated. 

Bedroom 2

  • Minimum area of 12 metres square.
  • Space for a double bed with 1200mm circulation space on either side of the bed.
  • Space for a small double lounge and tv.
  • Walk in Robe.
  • Bedroom 3/guest bedroom.
  • Enough space for double bed.
  • Small cupboard only required


  • To be acoustically cut off from family space and preferably located near main bedroom.
  • Picture the needs: TV, Music, Seats, Open Fire.
  • Requires easy access to kitchen.

Family space

  • Open to kitchen with direct access to the main veranda and backyard and enough space for one 3seater lounge and two one seater armchairs.
  • Room for Lego playing and wrestling
  • Enough space for a large rug 2500mm x 4200mm.
  • Easy to clean floor.
  • Lots of built-in storage required


  • Dining table 1800 x 1800mm - allow 1000mm around table for chairs.
  • A feature pendant lights need to be centred over the table space.
  • Close to kitchen that can be physically cut-off from family and kitchen area


  • Entry to be protected from the weather and be 6000ss square in area and well lit.
  • Veranda to house a 6 seater table and 2 sun lounges.
  • Garage - a double carport with security light sensors

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