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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sophisticated Wood Floor Options

Hardwood Flooring
If sophistication is what you are after, then choose Hardwood flooring for its timeless elegance. Trees such as teak, rosewood, beech, oak and walnut are called hardwood and are advantageous because they are tight-grained, dense and resilient. Naturally, you would expect to pay more for Hardwood than you would for say, laminate flooring.

But you get value for money. Well laid hardwood flooring can last for centuries. Nothing short of fire and floods can destroy a well-cared for hardwood flooring.

Hardwood floors can completely transform the interiors of a room, giving it a welcoming and a rich tone. You can choose hardwood floors with variety of patterns and colour of wood since wood is naturally diverse in design. Hardwood floors have been used since time immemorial for obvious reasons. If you are considering installing hardwood floors, you have made a smart choice.

Besides creating elegant interiors, hardwood floors offer great health benefits and despite the slightly higher the benefits outweigh the investment.
Hardwood Floors Vs. Carpets
Hardwood floors have indirect health benefits. People generally fail to realise that carpets are a haven for dust mites and harmful bacteria. During the winter season, a carpet may keep your feet warm, but they also provide the perfect environment for the microbes to thrive. With hardwood floors, you can keep your feet warm without breeding pathogens.

Hardwood floors are poor conductors of temperature, which is why they are ideal for cold climates. If you have children, pets or both living with you, hardwood floors keep the fur and dirt at bay. Moreover, hardwood floors don’t retain pollen and other allergy-causing irritants that pose a threat to asthmatics and allergic patients. Your living space will smell clean as the treated hardwood floors don’t absorb or give out unpleasant odour like carpets do. It is also hard to stain hardwood floors. 

Caring for your Hardwood Floors
Your hardwood flooring hates it when you let spills sit. Get rid of spills immediately. Mop with a damp cloth. Soft rubber pads beneath any heavy furniture are your insurance to any lasting damages to your hardwood floors. Dragging heavy furniture around is a big no-no. If you must move the furniture, place the furniture on a thick padding of old rug and pull the rug. This ensures minimal or zero damage to your hardwood flooring.

Tracking mud and grime into the house should also be avoided. Teach your family to dust their feet on the mats placed outside the door. It may be annoying initially, but think of the damage to your beautiful hardwood floor and you won’t really mind it.
Easy Maintenance Of Hardwood Floors
Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is very simple. Unlike cleaning a carpet by using various chemicals and scrubbing hard, hardwood floors only require sweeping, vacuuming or a light mop. Avoid using too much water to mop as this can warp the hardwood floors.
To leave a long-lasting fragrance, use a pleasantly scented cleaning liquid to clean your hardwood floors. The durability of hardwood floors don’t cause them to wear out quickly.
If you miss the carpet while using hardwood floors, throw in a rug. Graceful appearance combined with health benefits makes hardwood floors a must-have flooring option.


  1. I have searched a lot for that which option is best hardwood flooring or tile flooring or carpet. I want to choose, which is affordable and beautiful and also durable one . I am really thankful to you for making us aware to choose the best one , no doubt that hardwood flooring is best one, which easy to maintain and it can enhance the beauty of the floor.

  2. It is common to have hardwood flooring in most rooms but not in kitchen because of regular wetting on the floor that can possibly affect the durability of the wood material.

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