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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sketch design your own home

Hand drawn sketches are good to get you going in the early stages of designing your project. If you want to be accurate in design and precise, and want the facility to sketch some ideas for yourself, the Internet has now made it possible. 

Free software is available to help you. Just by  going to google and typing in "free house design software" will lead you to many different sites, including this one.  Once you have the software that you want, it will help you with drafting the initial design drawings of your project which you can then print and take to a building designer so that they have a clear idea of what you are aiming to achieve.

Drawing at a scale of 1:100 is the usual practise because it is big enough to understand, and you can use a regular rule (1cm = 1m) or a scale ruler 1:100 meaning that 1cm =1000mm or 1 m.

The initial design will be a combination of plans, elevations and form drawings or whatever best explains the design and how it works. The plans should be easy to understand and will be the starting point from where the initial design drawings may change before they become the "developed design drawings". Remember to ask for feedback from family and friends, another point of view is often helpful.

In turning the Design Diagram into a Sketch Design, one of the main tasks is to think about the functions of each area and providing spaces which can accommodate them. Depending on the buildings spaces, you may need to analyse some areas individually and in-depth.

For example: Furniture or equipment layouts for a home office in order to discover room shapes, door and window positions, and other features which will ensure spaces are designed well and for their intended purpose.

What's next?

Fully developed plans for building approvals are next and this will require a qualified building designer like Michael King, Projects Consultant for the Nova Group. 

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