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Monday, 11 June 2012

Improvement ideas in preparation for selling

The best way to start any home improvements is by taking a good look at your house from the street perspective. Try to be totally impartial and make out you have never seen this house before. What is it that you like or dislike? How does it compare to the houses around you?
While this image may not be your house, nevertheless it is a home that provides a roof over someones head somewhere.

It  isnt hard to see that this home could do with a little improvement.

Most of us are so busy in our lives, we seldom take the time to see what a passerby sees when they look at our house. One of the reason we dont want to see is because it requires work to fix. How much easier it is to arrive home, open the door and go inside without looking round. 

If you are thinking about selling, its time to be critical with yourself about your house. If you find it difficult to be critical ask a friend, they will be very open about giving you ideas as to how you can make some changes. The external view of your house indicates to passers by what the internal looks like and as such, people form their own idea about whether they are interested to look inside or not. 

Landscaping is one of the most important aspects of your house frontage and surrounds. By spending a little time to redesign a nice landscaping job will make your property stand out in a nice way and it improves your home value.
An important note is to fix the problems you can see before you fix the problems you can’t, such as plumbing or insulation. Interior improvements are not immediately visible to prospective buyers, but many are unlikely to even consider a house that has an unattractive exterior.
Be sure to look for damages on your roof each spring. Besides obviously-damaged shingles, remove and replace any shingles that have blistered or begun to curl at the edges. Fixing minor roof problems right away can prevent more major and costly problems down the road.
New flooring might be needed in some areas so chose what type you are going to use - Timber or Tiles .
New timber floors can look very good and are now the same price as ceramic tiles. Rather than choose cheap, go for what looks better. 

Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade your appliances. Doing this does a lot for the perceived value of your house. No matter what appliance you choose to replace, installing new ones will really improve your quality of life and also increase the value of you home.
You should have the final say on everything. You can hire a contractor to guide you, but be sure that you make the final decision. Remember, the true objective from any contractor is to make money first, by giving of their advice. So, take that advice to heart and then work it in with your needs and finances. The best contractors are ones who will listen to your needs. Be sure to ask loads of questions as to why they are offering particular advice. 

Also, be sure that any contractor you are considering has the proper licensing your state requires. You can easily check for licensing information through your state’s government website or by placing a call. If you find a contractor that does not have a license there is always a reason why they have lost it. Its a clear signal for you to be weary. 

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